Wednesday, November 2, 2016

PUCK EM - DAY 16 - 11/2/16

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Home Ice is back with Adam (despite Dallas not getting a much needed road win) as he went 4-2 last night to JC's 3-3. For the first time this season, someone has decided to make a pick on a three game night (and not decline). Adam is taking the Canadiens, JC is taking the Penguins, and Detroit-Philadelphia is left on the board. We each took a couple of shooters as well. 

ADAM (36-26): Montreal (1st)
*Goal Scorer Picks: Patrick Hornqvist (PIT), Wayne Simmonds (PHI)

JC (37-25): Pittsburgh (2nd)

*Goal Scorer Picks: Alex Galcheynuk (MTL), Dylan Larkin (DET)

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