Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PUCK EM - DAY 31 - 11/23/16

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It was a rough night for both Adam & JC despite it being a give game night. Both of them went 0-2 (Adam is strongly with Anaheim in contesting Thomas Hickey's shooutout goal for the Islanders). JC is on a five game losing streak while Adam missed an opportunity to cut in to JC's five game lead in the standings. All twelve games were picked on this Thanksgiving Eve, and we'll be picking shooters for the two games going on tomorrow. 

ADAM (63-58): Tampa Bay (1st), Los Angeles (4th), New Jersey (6th), Detroit (8th), Nashville (10th), Pittsburgh (11th)

JC (68-53): Washington (2nd), Columbus (3rd), Minnesota (5th), Edmonton (7th), Chicago (9th), Vancouver (12th)

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