Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PUCK 'EM PICKS - Tuesday 1/31

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It's the last day of January, but the first day of NHL regular season action since Thursday night. It's a monster 14 game slate (only Vancouver and Calgary are off), so there's a big chance for someone to gain some serious ground in the standings. Adam had home ice, but deferred to JC for tonight's picks:

JC (192-137): Anaheim (1st), Washington (4th), Ottawa (6th), Boston (8th), Edmonton (10th), New Jersey (12th), Philadelphia (13th) / Winnipeg upset

ADAM (191-138):  Montreal (2nd), Los Angeles (3rd), Pittsburgh (5th), Toronto-upset (7th), NY Rangers (9th), Chicago (11th), St. Louis (14th)

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