Monday, February 6, 2017

The Tom Brady's of the NHL

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With Tom Brady and the Patriots rallying from a 28-3 score in the second half to win Super Bowl LI 34-28 in Overtime, it got us thinking "If you needed one guy to lead you to victory when trailing, who would that guy be?" This is probably due the fact that the both of us grew up in NYC in the 1990's and are Rangers fans, but we both agreed Mark Messier would be that guy if we could pick from anyone all-time. Having a goalie that is capable of slamming the door shut with a lead was something we also pondered, and we both agreed it would be Martin Brodeur (NYC area influence strikes again) when you could pick anyone from any era. But when it came time to pick guys from the current stock of NHL'ers, our answers varied.

Image result for Jonathan Toews Jonathan Quick
(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

-Guy to rally you from behind: Jonathan Toews
-Goalie to slam the door shut: Jonathan Quick

Image result for Sidney Crosby Carey Price

-Guy to rally you from behind: Sidney Crosby
-Goalie to slam the door shut: Carey Price

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