Thursday, March 23, 2017

NCAA Hockey Tournament / Frozen Four Picks

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(Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara - Associated Press)

North Dakota took home to the 2016 NCAA Hockey Championship last year. Can they do it again? They'll basically have home ice in the first round (and second if they advance), but they'll need to go through BU in order to advance to the regional final. We'll find out when the tournament starts tomorrow! Adam & JC are by no means authorities on college hockey, but we filled out brackets anyway. For what it's worth:

Denver vs Michigan Tech - both picked Denver
Penn State vs Union (NY) - Adam took Penn St, JC took Union

JC took Union over Denver to advance to the Frozen Four
Adam took Denver over Penn State to advance to the Frozen Four

Minnesota vs Notre Dame - JC took Minnesota, Adam took ND
Cornell vs UMass-Lowell - both picked Cornell

JC took Minnesota over Cornell to advance to the Frozen Four Adam took Cornell over Notre Dame to advance to the Frozen Four

Harvard vs Providence - both picked Harvard
Air Force vs Western Michigan - JC took AF, Adam took WMU

Both Adam & JC had Harvard advancing to the Frozen Four

Minnesota-Duluth vs Ohio State - both picked UMD
North Dakota vs Boston U - both picked North Dakota

Both Adam & JC had UMD advancing to the Frozen Four

Minnesota over Union
Harvard over Minnesota-Duluth
Minnesota over Harvard - Golden Gophers 2017 Champs

Denver over Cornell
UMD over Harvard
UMD over Denver - Bulldogs 2017 Champs

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